The Alioto Law Firm’s more than 350 antitrust cases have involved a number of industries including accounting, advertising, agricultural seeds and products, airlines, aluminum, appraisals, asphalt, automobiles, banking, barges, beef, beer, beets, brokerage, cable, casino, advertising, cement, compact discs, computer batching, computers, construction, consumer electronic products, copyrights, corn wetmilling, cosmetics, crude oil, custom manufacturing, distilled spirits, distribution, electronic thermometers, electronics, entertainment, farm equipment, football, fructose, glass, golf and other sports restrictions, hardware and software, healthcare, heavy piping, hogs, hospitals, ice cream, insurance, intellectual property, international trading in commodities, iron production and distribution, lamb, livestock, medical equipment, medical insurance, medical supplies, minerals, milk, mining, mortgage banking, movie production, distribution and exhibition, moving and storage, network electronics, newspapers, oil, optic fibers, overhead doors, pacemakers, patents, peripheral manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, photo-finishing, physicians, plastics, potatoes, potash, potato chips, processing, refined oil, rendering, satellites manufacturing, services and equipment, securities, shipping, ship-to-shore telecommunication and satellites, soda ash, soft drinks, software, steam shipping, steel production and distribution, sugar, sugar beets, tax preparation, telephone, telecommunication, theaters, thoroughbred horses, tickets, tobacco, trademarks, trading, trans-cutaneous electronic nerve stimulator, travel industries, trucking, VCR’s, veterinarians, wheat, wine, wool and others.


Of these cases approximately 100 to 150 were published (mostly appeals).